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Super Bowl Ad Has Right Wing Seeing Red with Hilarious #BoycottBudwiser Hashtag Fail

Monday Feb 6, 2017

Does drinking beer make you smart? It made Bud wiser.

A commercial for Budweiser that ran during Sunday's Super Bowl inspired right wing rage, leading many to social media to express their ire with an unintended hilarious hashtag fail. As a result, #BoycottBudwiser is now trending on Twitter.

The commercial spot from Budweiser that inspired the boycott boo-boo followed the company's founder Adolphus Busch's journey from Germany to the United States in the mid-19th century, and the anti-immigrant prejudice he experienced.

"You're not wanted here, go back home!" one American yells at Busch as he arrives in New Orleans in the commercial.

Apparently, the message resonated with many anti-immigration slactivists who immediately turned to Twitter forgetting that there are two "e"'s in Budweiser.

Those who know how to spell, reacted accordingly on Twitter.

In related news, Betsy DeVos, Trump's pick for Secretary of Education is expected to be confirmed in a narrow Senate vote.


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