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House: Two Stories

by Ken Tasho
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Friday Apr 21, 2017
House: Two Stories

A new Arrow Video Blu-ray box set houses two films with the title "House" in it, both, of course, from the great decade of the 1980's. "House: Two Stories" restores "House" (1985) and "House 2: The Second Story" (1987), a combination of haunted home stories that have little in common. The horror/comedy franchise produced a third and fourth film, the latter of which was sent straight to video.

"House" was a starring vehicle for horror genre actor William Katt ("Carrie", TV's "Greatest American Hero") and the film became an instant low-budget hit. It was also another in a long line of horror films produced by Sean Cunningham ("Friday the 13th"), and directed by another "Friday" alum, Steve Miner ("Friday the 13th" parts 2 and 3).

Katt plays Roger, a tormented survivor of the Vietnam War and a divorced man suffering from PTSD. After his aunt supposedly commits suicide in her old mansion, Roger moves into her home and starts experiencing visions of monsters and goblins. Are they hallucinations from his time in Vietnam? Or is something sinister at hand?

George Wendt ("Cheers") as the next-door neighbor adds a comedic tone to "House," a tone that became more prevalent in the very silly follow-up "House 2: The Second Story." For the in-name only sequel, actor Ayre Gross (TV's "Ellen") fills in for William Katt this time around. He moves into, yup you guessed it, a sprawling haunted house and battles a gaggle of demons in the process. To keep the "Cheers" cast joke going, actor John Ratzenberger, aka Cliff, plays the neighbor next door in "House 2".

We'll have to wait for "The Horror Show (House III)" and "House IV" to come on Blu-ray. But for now, enjoy these two quintessential 80's horror flicks where Arrow Video tacks on several special features to each disc. Most notable are two new documentaries on the makings of "House" and "House 2". Arrow's featurettes pay reverence to these two films as though they were Academy Award winners, featuring a slew of interviews and behind-the-scenes that clock in at running times of over an hour each.

Also included is a separate extensive booklet on the trials and tribulations of getting the two "House" films made and features various on-set photos and studio publicity shots.

"House: Two Stories"

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