Foria Relief Cannabis Solution Relieves Menstrual Cramps

HEALTH | By EDGE | May 25
Foria, the internationally recognized cannabis brand and leader in cannabis sexual health, announces the Colorado debut of Foria Relief, the first cannabis infused vaginal suppository specifically designed to relieve menstrual discomfort.

Sleep Easily During May, Better Sleep Month

HEALTH | By EDGE | May 25
Better Sleep Month 2016, the annual event celebrating sleep, in its 31st year runs the entire month of May.

Study Says Men Need to Catch Up With Skin Cancer Awareness

HEALTH | By EDGE | May 25
Skin cancer can affect anyone, regardless of age, race or gender. When it comes to skin cancer prevention and detection, however, it seems that men need to brush up on their knowledge.

Vermont Support Group Eases the Stigma Faced by LGBTQ Youth

HEALTH | By EDGE | May 24
New Hampshire/Vermont Albert Schweitzer Fellows Ana Rodriguez-Villa and Brendin Beaulieu-Jones are working to address stigma and prejudice against LGBTQ youth in Vermont's Upper Valley with a weekly youth support group at The Junction.

Special Stem Cell Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries Shows Promise

HEALTH | May 24
A group of patients with the most severe spinal cord injuries have seen improvement after undergoing an experimental treatment that uses stem cells in the damaged areas.

HIV/AIDS Info Center

Study Shows Link Between AIDS and Tobacco

HEALTH | By EDGE | May 23
A new paper comprehensively explores and analyzes the historical involvement of tobacco companies during the early days of the response to the AIDS epidemic.