Mimic 3-Film Set

by JC Alvarez
Tuesday May 15, 2012
Mimic 3-Film Set

Storyteller Guillermo Del Toro knows monsters. The master filmmaker has been delving into the modern horror genre and realized everything from fairy tales to devilish superheroes, but when he took OscarĀ® winner Mira Sorvino into the underbelly of the New York City transit system for "Mimic" what else was she gonna find but giant cockroaches?

An experiment gone bad force breeds a mutated insect species called the Judas Breed that is intent on destroying the human race...at least until a powerful enough repellant is developed. Del Toro's Director's Cut of the 1997 original nicely enough elaborates on the narrative, but even a stellar cast lead by Sorvino doesn't propel this monster movie into "Alien" territory. Although Sorvino does her best to play up her Sigourney Weaver, she falls splat.

The one startling revelation can be found in the bonus feature "alternate ending" that suggests the director was prepared to serialize this mythology.

But where the first film may have drawn some inspiration from Ridley Scott's space epic, the sequel "Mimic 2" (2001) takes a page from Horror B-movie horror schlock with the stereotypical G-men and all. This low-budget fiasco centers around a school teacher, an expectant anthropologist, and a series of murders - all which point to her as the prime suspect, especially when the insects begin to show up wearing the faces of her "victims".

Although every attempt is made to deal with the pestilence, no roach motel can contain them! The bugs return for one more bout in 2003's "Mimic 3: Sentinel", this time approached from the perspective of a survivor of the disease that spawned the Judas Breed. Gripped by asthma, a young man is confined to his room and lives his life through his camera lens spying on his neighborhood a la "Rear Window." Horror movie as art house-social commentary just doesn't ingratiate this film to the Hitchockian levels it attempts to ascend to.

Available now as a 3 film set, the "Mimic" mythology is best left to the master. Guillermo Del Toro's first picture is not groundbreaking, but it's easy to identify the potential he was ready to unleash -Ā giant mutated cockroaches aside.

"Mimic: 3 Film Set"
On Blu-ray $29.99 or DVD $19.99

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