Pippin - New Broadway Cast Recording

by Steven Bergman
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Jul 17, 2013
Pippin - New Broadway Cast Recording

Fresh from this musical's impressive showing at this year's Tony Awards, Ghostlight Records has now released the CD version of the new Broadway cast recording of the Stephen Schwartz / Roger O. Hirson musical, "Pippin."

This sparkling revival of the 1972 musical tells the fantastic story of a mysterious ensemble of players, portrayed as circus performers, who encourage the young Pippin (Matthew James Thomas), son of Charlemagne, to find his "corner of the sky." The production was developed and premiered at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with Tony Award winning director Diane Paulus at the helm. Paulus, with the blessings and assistance of both Schwartz and Hirson, magically transformed the piece of '70s nostalgia into a refreshing new musical, both visually and aurally.

The Leading Player is now Patina Miller, in the memorable role originally created by Ben Vereen, who acts as the evening's ringmaster and narrator. Miller's a promising talent, and the uninitiated won't miss Vereen on Miller's renditions of "On The Right Track," the inspirational "Simple Joys," and as a musical pied piper in the show's opening number, "Magic To Do." Thomas gives endearing performances of the frequently covered "Corner of the Sky," "With You," and "Extraordinary." As Berthe, Andrea Martin delivers the show-stopping "No Time At All," which was innovatively recorded with a group of 700 invited guests singing the final refrain. Both Miller and Martin received Tony Awards for their performances.

Bonus tracks on the album include four Karaoke songs from the show, billed as, "Sing Along with the Pippin Orchestra." It's a fun chance to learn these traditional musical theater songs with their actual instrumental versions as backup.

The production continues its successful run at the Music Box Theatre, but for those who can't get to see it, this recording is an adequate substitute, and an impressive update of one of Stephen Schwartz's most loved scores.

"Pippin (New Broadway Cast Recording)"
Stephen Schwartz
CD and digital formats
Ghostlight Records

Steven Bergman is a Composer / Playwright / Performing Arts Educator based outside of Boston, MA.


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