All American

by Padraic Maroney
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jul 22, 2014
All American

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of their website, Corbin Fisher has released a hardcover book that acts as a printed walk down memory lane. "Corbin Fisher: All American" is the latest book to feature the models from the popular adult site, with the photos spanning from 2004 up to the present.

The photography in the book is gorgeous, as seen countless times in the Corbin Fisher website and their calendars. Unlike some books of this nature that are released, "Corbin Fisher: All American" comes across more as an artistic photography book than something titillating. In a case where less is more, the photos that leave a little to the imagination tend to be the sexier photos. Many of the full frontal shots are merely posed pictures offering the best position to see everything, while the partially clothed photos are more playful and even intimate. Flipping through the book, it becomes obvious that the nudity almost becomes secondary due to the lush, captivating photos included in the spreads.

With photos spanning the last decade, there is a mixture of shots with models who have become mainstays at the site over the years like Connor, Dawson and Trey, as well as newer additions like brothers Taylor and Tyler, who just began working on the site within the last year. Making sure that the book features a complete retrospective, long since retired guys like Logan are also included in the pages. What is most fun, however, is seeing the transformation that some of the longtime models have undergone throughout the years. Most significantly is Connor, who has been with the site since 2007, and how he has grown and bulked up over the last seven years.

Before concluding, the book provides a special highlight for some of Corbin Fisher's most popular models throughout the years. Along with their statistics, a short write up provides a glimpse behind-the-scenes about each of the featured men. These insights offer a look at the guys as more than just something to be ogled, but rather talk about them as people and their experiences with Corbin Fisher. If anything, having more of this type of storytelling throughout the book would have made it the ultimate must have for fans.

"Corbin Fisher: All American" is a must have for anyone who is a fan of the site and it's gorgeous men, but also for anyone who is a fan of great photography.

Corbin Fisher: All American
Cameron Frost (Photographer)
Bruno Gmunder


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