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Gay Author Pens Mindfulness Book for Kids

By Matthew S. Bajko | Sep 24
An openly gay author has found a way to bring the idea of mindfulness to kids: A book he's written, titled "Puppy Mind."

Ralph Lauren Working on Memoir

By Hillel Italie | Sep 22
Ralph Lauren, one of the giants of modern American fashion, is working on his autobiography.

The British Are Coming: 3 Essential Cookbooks From Across the Pond

By April Stamm | Sep 14
Sweets and savories, chops and chocolate, tarts and tenderloin, the Brits are making a splash this season with cookbooks on everything from dainty teacakes to massive feats of butchery.

Abby Wambach: I Abused Alcohol, Prescription Drugs for Years

By Anne M. Peterson | Sep 12
Abby Wambach says she abused alcohol and prescription drugs for years until her arrest for driving under the influence in April.

"Love Warrior" Author on Memoir, Oprah's Book Club

Sep 7
Oprah reveals her next book club selection -- and the author talks about the book and Oprah's potentially career-changing endorsement.

Jeff Mann on "Country"

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 7
Jeff Mann's new novel follows a country star after his career-ending forced emergence from the closet. Explosive, romantic, and -- yes, you know it! -- hot, Mann's book has got something for every gay "Country" boy.

Books for the Beach & Beyond

By Gregg Shapiro | Sep 4
You may still have a few weeks or months of beach weather left where you can lounge on a big towel and read to your heart's content. Consider these books as suitable for the beach.

Going Gaga for Gay Manga

By Jill Gleeson | Aug 30
Thanks to Massive, a New York-based company dedicated to bringing the art form to the masses, you can not only purchase gay manga, you can wear it.

Watch: Joan Crawford Has the Last Word in 'Mommie Smearest'

Aug 25
In her riveting posthumous fake autobiography, "Mommie Smearest: See Joan Crawford In Bitch Selfie Ain't Make You No Movie Star," Joan reinvents herself as the rap artist mo.m.m.i.e.D.

Rare Bookstore Still Thriving in New York City

Aug 24
Thanks to the internet, it's hard to find a brick-and-mortar bookstore where business is going well, let alone one in Midtown Manhattan.

1 thru 10 of 759 Stories