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Hearing Opens in Murder Case Profiled in 'Serial' Podcast

By Juliet Linderman | Feb 3
A defense lawyer's failure to call an alibi witness was a key point of contention as a convicted murderer returned to court Wednesday to argue he deserves a new trial in a case that gained fresh notoriety through the podcast "Serial."

'Glowberon' Fest Continues With Erin Markey, Sage Francis & Stella Starsky

Feb 2
Glowberon the series of solo performance and cabaret at Oberon, continues with New York-based performance artist Erin Markey on February 11 with Sage Francis & Stella Starsky to follow.

Dig These Discs :: Sia, Chairlift, Eliot Sumner, Bloc Party, Santigold

By Winnie McCroy | Feb 1
Sia releases her seventh album. Chairlift and Santigold drop their third, Bloc Party releases number five and Eliot Sumner debuts her first full-length studio album.

Aaron Schock-er :: Ex-Congressman to Adult Male Star?

Jan 31
Is Aaron Schock's next career starring in hard-core movies for TitanMen.com? They've offered him up to $1,000,000 to pay off his legal debt if he agrees to star in one of their films.

Deny Me Not (And I Will Not Deny You!)

By William E. Kelly | Jan 30
Whether debating the civil rights of women, men, children, employees, employers or any other division, the issue of separation of church and state hangs in the background, as menacing as ever.

For the World's Most Scrutinized Body, Barbie Has a New Look

By Beth J. Harpaz | Jan 29
Poor Barbie. She had plastic surgery to become more socially acceptable. But a lot of her critics still don't like her.

That's Not Grrrreat: Frustrated Furries Angry After Tony the Tiger Blocks Them on Twitter

Jan 28
A number of horny furries are voicing their frustrations with the sexy Frosted Flakes spokesanimal, Tony the Tiger, Gawker reports.

Watch :: Adult Male Stars Debunk Stereotypes

Jan 27
A handful of porn actors lament the stereotypical statements and questions they often hear regarding their career.

Citing Oscars Controversy, Ian McKellan Says Gay Actors are 'Disregarded'

Jan 25
Citing the controversy surrounding the Academy Award's diversity problem, out actor Ian McKellen said the award show also discriminates against gay people.

Dig These Discs : Rachel Platten, Hinds, Panic! At The Disco, Tindersticks, Cait Brennan

By Winnie McCroy | Jan 22
Rachel Platten releases her third album, and Panic! at the Disco drops their fifth. Tindersticks hopes album eleven is their lucky number, and Hinds and Cait Brennan make their debuts.

21 thru 30 of 1866 Stories