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Icona Pop :: Synth Duo Off to Global-Music Domination

by Bill Biss
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Jul 2, 2013

Icona Pop aspires to nothing les than global-music domination; and they are well on their way this summer with their massive hit "I Love It," which went Platinum with 1.2 million copies sold in the U.S. since it was released in February. Just this past week, the song topped the British music charts with the release of the single in that country. It was already an international hit prior to that since its release in Sweden (the duo's homeland) in May 2012.

With looks that would be right at home in Vogue or Elle, the Stockholm duo, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, have sex appeal that matches their musical drive. Their sound has a glittery veneer generated by heavy Euro-synth beat. It's music you might hear in a club in Ibiza, Paris or Prague, but with its Max Martin-like production style, their tunes are easy on American ears.

"We're mainly pop with some electro. There's twisted synths going on as well as galloping drums," says Hjelt in a recent interview with BBC1.

The pair met at a house party in Stockholm in 2009. Aino had just been dumped and hadn't left her house for two weeks. "So I went to the party, we were introduced and started to talk. We kind of fell in love," she told the BBC.

Both "I Love It" (featuring Charli XCX) or their latest single "Ready for the Weekend" sing to the heart and spirit and definitely keep a body in motion. Both members of Icona Pop have discovered a special sweet spot for pulling apart the generational gap of new music and appealing across the board to the next new beat that you can dance to and relate to... any time of year.

Catch Icona Pop if you can as they are currently in the midst of a United States and International tour over the summer of 2013. They also signed with Mercury Records and their debut album will be released later in the year.

An ’opus’

EDGE: Thank you for taking the time! Are you ’Ready for the Weekend?’ It’s a whistle-blower of an anthem. Thank you for creating it. Will you share the circumstances of writing this one?

Icona Pop: I mean ’Ready for The Weekend’ is kind of like an ’opus.’ Icona Pop was born in the dark and the neon light.... this song with the choirs and everything at the beginning. The weekend is our religion. That was how that song came about. You can say that. ’Ready for the Weekend’ is our religion.

EDGE: Perfect, cool. I just wanted to let you know I haven’t had this much unheralded fun with songs since I was in my twenties and had a thing for Bananarama (laughter). I hope you don’t mind that comparison...

Icona Pop: We love that! Oh, we see that as a compliment. Yeah, totally.... Thank you. We’re happy and dancing like crazy.


EDGE: Who sings lead solo vocal at the start of track four ’Manners?’ I sure do like the feeling of the voice. The song is truly a favorite that is worth getting to know the lyrics. All your songs on the EP ’Iconic’ are top-notch.

Icona Pop: Ahhh, so nice.

Aino Jawo: I don’t quite know who sings it first. Umm, I think you sing the first verse. Caroline sings the first verse and I sing the second verse and we sing the chorus together, exactly.

EDGE: Did you both write this song together and why was it written?

Icona Pop: ’Manners’ was one of the first songs that we ever did. That was kind of where the Icona Pop sound came about with the synthesizers and it’s definitely an important song in our development.

We were living with a bunch of girls in an apartment and we heard these stories every morning, like someone is getting treated bad by this guy or by this girl or we were all about, ’Hey! Mind your manners’ and then, some self-experience stuff as well. Yeah, that was our first recorded song. It means a lot to us. I love when we perform it live. I always get that feeling that it’s really back in our apartment space along with our friends.

EDGE: Sweet. Thanks so much and continued success.

Icona Pop: Nice questions. Yeah, that was amazing. Thank you.

For a complete list of tour dates by Iconic Pop, cities and venues near you or to purchase ’Iconic,’ visit their website.

Watch Icona Pop’s video of "I Love It":


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