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Supernatural - The Complete Seventh Season

by JC Alvarez
Monday Sep 24, 2012
Supernatural - The Complete Seventh Season

There's no mistaking the reductively manufactured premise of the popular hit show "Supernatura."l It's the "Hardy Boys" meets "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." But even Buffy may have to take a backseat to the sexy Winchester boys. Sam and Dean have inherited the reins of an epic battle between good and evil and scour the country battling demons and devils, and yes...even Lucifer himself!

There's a new God in town and he's swiftly working to reshape the world order, but how this is going to affect our heroes especially Sam (Jared Padalecki) who is still in a fight for his soul, is anyone's guess. Even as they plan to conspire with the devil himself, Dean (Jensen Ackles) worries that with the fight of their lives on the horizon, having gone to hell and back, maybe already has taken its toll on his brother. And then comes the biggest threat they've ever faced when purgatory unleashes the Leviathan.

Mischievously written, engaging and every bit as thrilling as the next Winchester Boys shirtless shot, "Supernatural" cleverly goes to where similarly based genre shows have only dared. Did I mention the lead heroes are hot? How hard can if be for them to convince Death to cut them some slack and take out the new God? With the body count on a steady incline, the end of days is perhaps not such a bad idea after all - and that's just the start of Season 7.

You'd think it would be a lucky omen...seven and all, but no matter how hard the boys fight it looks as though they're inevidably set on a collision course to the apocalypse! Loaded with bonus features, including unaired and deleted scenes (none shirtless), this 6-disc set delivers on the gasps and the gore.

"Supernatural: The Complete Seventh Season"
Available on DVD for $59.98
from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

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