Summer 2014

Our preview of sizzling LGBT destinations.

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Discovering Romantic New Orleans

| By EDGE | Feb 17
Did you miss Southern Decadence or are you still recovering? Even if you're not a partier of that caliber, New Orleans offers something for everyone - especially if you're looking for romance.

Air Travel Etiquette: 5 Major Don'ts for Sharing Cabin Space

| By EDGE | Sep 23
Veteran flight attendant Sydney Pearl offers five tips for keeping your manners in check on your next flight.

Houston: A Pedaler's Paradise

| By EDGE | Sep 10
Hit the road in Houston as travelers have more opportunities than ever to explore H-Town by bike.

Go for the Food: Bourbon in Louisville

| By Bruce Schreiner | Sep 9
In Kentucky's bourbon country, the classic American whiskey isn't just for sipping anymore.

Cocktail Culture: Rediscovering Retro Drinks at Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

| By EDGE | Sep 5
It's no secret that old-fashioned cocktails as well as modern alternatives are having a moment, and bartenders across Fairmont hotels and resorts are shaking and stirring beloved staples and interesting concoctions for guests' sipping pleasure.

California Wine Month Kicks Off

| By EDGE | Sep 3
September is California Wine Month: An exciting time of year for wine lovers and a much needed boost as many winemakers in the Napa Valley recover from a 6.0 earthquake that damaged 100 wineries throughout the region.

Spain by Land and Sea

| By Matthew Wexler | Sep 3
Given the choice between visiting Madrid or Barcelona, the answer would have to be both.

Hotel Week Heads West

| By EDGE | Aug 28
Following the success of Hotel Week NYC, the inaugural Hotel Week LA is launching in Los Angeles this November.

Cocktail Culture: 5 Can't Miss Libation Destinations in Stockholm

| By Kristen Siebecker | Aug 26
Longer summer nights beckon wandering Stockholm's charming streets. And what better way to invigorate the evening than by checking out one of the many artisan cocktail lounges that have staked claim in this historical Scandinavian city?

The Mekong Reborn with Aqua Expeditions

| By Daniel Scheffler | Aug 20
Discover the Mekong River aboard the luxurious and eco-friendly riverboat Aqua Mekong, launching this fall.

1 thru 10 of 37 Stories