Students Protest Macklemore Concert at Neb. College

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Oct 30, 2013

A small group of students from Creighton University, a Catholic school located in Omaha, Neb., is expressing outrage that rap duo Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, known for strong LGBT support, is scheduled to perform at the college, reports.

The college's Students Union Program Board briefly delayed ticket giveaways after two sophomores, Ben Thompson and Christina Laubenthal, wrote an open letter to the campus newspaper, The Creightonian, saying school officials should oppose the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert.

"University backing of any kind for (Macklemore) and Lewis is in direct opposition with Catholic social teaching and Creighton's stated values. ... CSU's actions indicate that Creighton endorses (Macklemore) and Lewis as well as their position on same-sex marriage," the letter reads. The letter also demands that school officials call off the ticket giveaway.

Macklemore has been a strong supporter for the LGBT community, advocating for equal rights for LGBT people and for their hit jam "Same Love," a single about marriage equality that reached No. 11 on Billboard. As the Huffington Post reports, the music duo recently offered support to Danielle Powell, who was kicked out of Grace University, another Catholic school, because of her sexual orientation.

The Creightonian's editor Josie Bungert said the open letter by the two students gained so much attention, the campus newspaper's website crashed.

USA Today reports Creighton officials said in a statement that they took the time to "appropriately address" the students' concerns before they resume ticket sales.

"Our commitment indicated our efforts would focus on educating our students in understanding sensitive social issues facing our community in current times," the statement reads. "We want our students to be able to think critically and reach solid values that will guide them through the remainder of their life."


  • Wayne M., 2013-11-01 17:49:23

    If that group of students does not like the pro-LGBT message of the group, they are free not to attend. Why do they need to interfere with those who want to hear messages of tolerance and understanding?

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