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LCR holds reception for Kirk

by Emmanuel Garcia
Friday Aug 29, 2008

The Log Cabin Republicans ( LCR ) of Illinois held a private reception for Congressman Mark Kirk at the University Club of Chicago, 76 E. Monroe, Aug. 19. Kirk is running against Democratic challenger Dan Seals; both are vying for the 10th Congressional District in November.

With an introduction by LCR President Patrick Sammon, Kirk joined an estimated 15 supporters to talk not only about the upcoming local election but the presidential one as well. "We are looking forward to supporting you in a big public way in Minneapolis," said Kirk. The Republican National Convention will take place in St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 1-4.

Kirk was proud to share with LCR his early support of the ENDA ( Employment Non-Discrimination Act ) and the support he's received from the Human Rights Campaign, saying, "I pushed for the original bill which included the word trans, but it didn't pass, so we had to push it through, but I was a big supporter of the original draft."

When asked how important the LGBT vote would be in his district, Kirk answered, "Not important. My district is an overwhelmingly suburban district." However, LCR of Illinois President David Valkema had a different answer: "There are a lot of Log Cabin members in Illinois; there are hundreds, maybe thousands, in Congressman Kirk's district."

The intimate event was held to show support by asking members of LCR to contribute to Kirk's campaign. Kirk is considered a moderate Republican who voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment, despite the strong opinions of most in the Republican Party.

"I have a problem with the word marriage, I'm definitely pro-civil rights, equal rights and civil unions but, still, the word [ marriage ] is for life and a religious act," expressed President of Chicago Young Republicans, Keely Drukala. Acknowledging that uniting the party can be a challenge, Drukula said, "We are very friendly with the LCR. We've hosted a couple of events together, including our annual Christmas party."

"I'm going to the Big Tent Event to talk to [ John ] McCain about the issues. I'm here to support you [ LCR ] because you've been my supporters from the beginning," concluded Kirk.

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