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Officer Involved In Deadly Confrontation Was Sex-Suit Target

Sep 29
One of the officers involved in a deadly confrontation with an unarmed black man in a San Diego suburb was demoted last year amid allegations that he sexually harassed a lesbian colleague.

Alabama Chief Justice Waits for Judgment Day on Keeping Job

By Kim Chandler and Jay Reeves | Sep 29
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was removed from office for refusing to remove a 10 Commandments appeared before a judicial disciplinary panel because he urged defiance of the federal courts again: This time on gay marriage

5 South Beach Sites with Zika-Infected Mosquitoes Identified

By Jennifer Kay | Sep 28
The first Zika-infected mosquitoes to be trapped on the U.S. mainland were caught in residential South Beach neighborhoods, Miami-Dade County officials announced Wednesday.

Alabama Justice 'Urged Defiance, Not Compliance' On Marriage

By Kim Chandler | Sep 28
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore should be removed from office for defying the U.S. Supreme Court on gay marriage, a lawyer for a disciplinary commission argued on Wednesday.

Here's Your Chance to Punch Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli in the Face

Sep 28
There's a possibility you could slap or punch Martin Shkreli in his smug face.

Gender-Neutral Homecoming 'Queen,' Female 'King'

Sep 28
Students at a Maryland high school will get to choose whether they want to be considered as a king or queen, regardless of their gender, as part of a gender-neutral homecoming court.

Calif. Gov Signs Bill Banning State-Funded Travel to States with New Anti-LGBT Laws

Sep 28
Looking to travel to North Carolina, Mississippi or any other state with a new anti-LGBT law? You won't be able to do it on California's dime.

Hate Group Hissy Fit: Tony Perkins Cries Foul That ACC Is Leaving NC

Sep 28
Tony Perkins of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council is predictably apoplectic that the Atlantic Coast Conference is leaving North Carolina over their anti-LGBT law HB2.

Utah Lawmaker Bringing Back Hate Crime Bill Under New Name

Sep 28
A Utah senator is bringing back a recently defeated proposal to beef up the state's hate crimes law and include LGBT people.

Anti-LGBT Website Hawking Proud to Be Deplorable T-Shirts

Sep 28
Because you can't wear a white sheet after Labor Day and red, white and black armbands are so 1945.

1 thru 10 of 21725 Stories