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Can A Third-Party Candidate Derail Donald Trump?

May 20
The Washington Post has reported that GOP leaders are in a desperate search of a third-party candidate to oust Donald Trump from the nomination.

Trump More Than Happy to Agree Sanders is Getting a Raw Deal

By Lisa Lerer and Jonathan Lemire | May 19
Bernie Sanders is winning sympathy from an unlikely ally: Donald Trump.

Robert Gates Discusses Global Warming and Long-Term National Security Issues

May 19
In this "Face the Nation" Web Extra, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates tells host John Dickerson that Global Warming is an important national security issue and talks about other serious long-term problems.

Trump Unveils List of His Top Supreme Court Picks

By Jill Colvin | May 18
Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee for president, has released a list of 11 potential Supreme Court justices he plans to vet to fill the seat of late Justice Antonin Scalia if he's elected to the White House.

Democrats Pressure Sanders as Rift Threatens Party

By Erica Werner | May 18
After months when the story of the 2016 presidential campaign focused on divided Republicans, Democrats are now showcasing divisions in their ranks.

Trump and Frequent Target Megyn Kelly Call a Truce

By Jonathan Lemire | May 18
Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly appear to have called a truce.

Sanders Wins Oregon, Battles Clinton in Ky.; Trump Wins Ore.

By Ken Thomas | May 18
Bernie Sanders won Oregon's presidential primary and battled Hillary Clinton to a razor-thin margin in Kentucky, vowing to stay in the race until the end as Clinton aimed to blunt his momentum and prepare for a fall campaign against Donald Trump.

Clinton, Sanders In Tight Ky. Race; Sanders, Trump Win Ore.

By Ken Thomas | May 18
Bernie Sanders won Oregon's presidential primary and battled Hillary Clinton to a neck-and-neck outcome in Kentucky on Tuesday, vowing to soldier on as Clinton sought to blunt his momentum ahead of her likely general election matchup against Donald Trump.

Whoops! Conservative Candidate for Congress Publishes Browser Screenshot With Porn Tabs

May 17
A conservative candidate for one of Virginia's congressional seats got caught with his digital pants down Monday when he posted a screenshot of phone records and a Yahoo search, but neglected to close out the two open tabs with porn searches.

Trump Wants to 'Protect Everybody,' While Rescinding Trans Protections

May 17
Does Donald Trump's idea of transgender inclusion only apply to celebrities?

41 thru 50 of 3129 Stories