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Pastor Has Change of Heart After Son Comes Out as Gay

By Brittany Ferrendi | Sep 5
The pastor knew that his shift in views on homosexuality might get him kicked out of his job. However, when someone asked him how he felt, he expressed contentment.

Pope Declares Mother Teresa a Saint and Model of Mercy

Sep 4
Pope Francis declared Mother Teresa a saint on Sunday, praising the tiny nun for having taken in society's most unwanted and for having shamed world leaders for the "crimes of poverty they themselves created."

Gay Priest Suspended After Supporting Fired School Employee

Sep 2
A gay priest in New Jersey has been suspended after his continued support of gay groups and a woman fired from a Catholic high school for marrying her partner.

Michele Bachmann Claims God Picked Trump Over Cruz for GOP Nomination

Aug 31
Donald Trump may be a twice-divorced serial philanderer, but according to former US Rep Michele Bachmann, he was raised up over his evangelical former competitor Sen. Ted Cruz by the Almighty to be the Republican presidential nominee.

Prayer or Politics? Evangelist Rallying Christians in Boston

Aug 30
The son of famed evangelist Billy Graham is holding a mass prayer rally in Boston as part of a 50-state tour to urge evangelicals to vote.

Start Building Your Ark, Anti-LGBT Pastor Says God's Judgment is Coming

Aug 24
Kevin Swanson, the Girl Scout cookie-obsessed anti-LGBT pastor is positive that America will face God's judgement for striking down sodomy laws, legaliziing abortion and same-sex marriage. He just hasn't been able to pinpoint the date.

Suit Alleging Catholic School Gay Marriage Bias to Proceed

Aug 23
A judge is allowing a lawsuit alleging a Roman Catholic school in New Jersey fired an employee because she's married to a woman to move forward.

UK 'Christian' Group Says Being Gay Didn't Help Tom Daley at Rio Games

Aug 22
It turns out that "Christian" anti-LGBT groups in England are just as vile as they are in America.

Pope Taps American to Head New Vatican Office for Families

By Nicole Winfield | Aug 17
Pope Francis on Wednesday named an American moderate to head the new Vatican office for families and laity as part of his aim to bring a more pastoral approach to the Vatican's bureaucracy.

Illinois Pastors Sue For Right To Perform Conversion Therapy 

Aug 16
Earlier this year, Illinois became the fifth state to ban conversion therapy for minors. Now, a group of pastors in Illinois are attempting to overturn a historic conversion therapy ban ruling by claiming it infringes on their religious freedom.

11 thru 20 of 1244 Stories