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Watch: Pat Robertson Warns Gays Are 'Drunk With Wine of Fornication,' Will Bring Down US

May 12
According to Pat Robertson, 2016 is an excellent vintage year for the "wine of fornication."

Anti-Gay Pundit Warns of a 'Tsunami of Perversion' as Methodists Vote on LGBT Inclusion

May 11
Break out your surfboard of sin and get ready to hang ten. According to one anti-gay pundit, a "tsunami of perversion" is coming!

Franklin Graham Blasts Stonewall Proposal as 'Monument to Sin'

May 9
Franklin Graham is at it again.

Watch: Anti-Gay Jehovah's Witness Kids Cartoon Edited With Pro-LGBT Ending

May 6
The anti-gay kid's animated short released by Jehovah's Witnesses that drew fire earlier this week got a makeover Thursday and was re-edited to make it more accepting.

Watch: Jehovah's Witnesses Push Gay Conversion Therapy In Kid's Animated Short

May 4
Remember when the worst thing Jehovah's Witnesses did was to interrupt your dinner while preaching door-to-door?

Satanists Angry that Lucifer Was Compared to Ted Cruz

Apr 28
On Wednesday former Speaker of the House John Boehner called Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz "Lucifer in the flesh." None of this sat well with real worshipers of Satan.

Watch: Pat Robertson 'Reclaims' Feminism From Topless Radicals

By EDGE | Apr 27
Earlier this week, televangelist Pat Robertson heralded the efforts of conservative activists to 'reclaim' feminism as a conservative movement.

Religious Leaders Object to Religious Objections Law

By Nassim Benchaabane | Apr 25
Several Methodist leaders are objecting to Mississippi's new religious-objections law, saying it violates their religious principles.

Methodist Bishop & Pastor Risk Jobs, Marry Gay Couple in NC

Apr 25
North Carolina continued to be a hotbed of LGBT controversy this weekend when two Methodist clergymen, in defiance of church policy, risked their jobs by officiating the marriage of a gay couple.

Passover Vacation Niche Grows to Dozens of Destinations

By Mike Schneider | Apr 20
Passover vacations have grown in recent years beyond the traditional destinations of Miami Beach, the Catskills and Israel. They now include scores of resorts around the world.

11 thru 20 of 1163 Stories