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Anti-LGBT GOP Platform Language Includes Support for Gay Conversion Therapy

Jul 12
Log Cabins aside, it doesn't look like the Republican Party will be courting the LGBT vote this election cycle.

Pat Robertson: Church-State Separation Activists are Tools of the Devil

Jul 12
Most historians and Constitutional scholars credit Thomas Jefferson with the separation of church and state. Pat Robertson, however, claims it's the devil's doing.

Anglican Church of Canada Votes Against Same-Sex Unions

By Charmaine Noronha | Jul 12
The Anglican Church of Canada narrowly voted against authorizing same-sex marriages Monday after nearly a week of passionate debates about blessing such unions at the church's triennial conference.

After Being Trolled By Pro-LGBT Pokemon GO Users, Westboro Baptist Church Fires Back

Jul 11
The Westboro Baptist Church are currently fighting off pro-LGBT Pokemon Go users who are taking over the anti-gay group's gym.

Bill Nye Visits New Noah's Ark Attraction He Criticized

Jul 11
Bill Nye is touring a new Noah's Ark attraction in Kentucky that he has called a danger to the nation's science education.

Gender Identity Church Language Revised in Iowa Brochure

By David Pitt | Jul 9
An Iowa Civil Rights Commission brochure that some churches interpreted to mean they must abide by transgender bathroom rules and muzzle ministers who may want to preach against transgender or gay individuals has been changed, the commission said Friday.

Miss. Gov. Appeals Decision to Block Anti-LGBT 'Religious Freedom' Law

Jul 8
Lawyers for Mississippi's Republican Governor Phil Bryant filed notice Thursday that he is appealing a federal judge's rejection of HB 1523, a sweeping anti-LGBT law masked as "religious freedom."

Taxpayer-Rewarded Noah's Ark Theme Park Won't Hire LGBTs or Non-Christians

Jul 7
This place makes Chick-Fil-A look like a LGBT-friendly and tolerant place to work.

Philadelphia Archbishop: No Communion for Divorced or LGBT Catholics Who Aren't Celibate

By Kristen De Groot | Jul 7
The Philadelphia guidelines say Catholics in same-sex partnerships, civilly remarried parishioners and unmarried couples living together should not be permitted to serve on parish councils, instruct the faithful, serve as lectors or dispense Communion.

Noah's Ark Attraction, Complete with Dinosaurs in Cages, to Open in Kentucky

Jul 6
The world's biggest science-denying attraction is poised to open in Kentucky this week - complete with dinosaurs!

11 thru 20 of 1210 Stories