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Orlando Come Out With Pride Festival :: November 12, 2016

Orlando Come Out With Pride Festival :: November 12, 2016

Nov 13
Thousands came out to celebrate and to support the LGBT community at this year's Orlando Come Out With Pride Festival.

International Turmoil, Park Pricing Dents Orlando Tourism

By Mike Schneider | Sep 15
Even before Orlando's summer of tragedies, some tourism indicators were declining in the most-visited city in America.

Non-Profits Are Popping Up Left and Right to Help the Victims of Orlando

By Christiana Lilly | Sep 4
After the Orlando gay nightclub massacre of June 12, the world immediately went into action, sending prayers, condolences, social media shout outs, blood donations - and cash.

The Post-Orlando Gun Debate in the LGBT Community

By Jill Gleeson | Aug 20
A resurgence in membership has reactivated Pink Pistols chapters around the country. At the same time, a new anti-gun group has emerged. But the two may not necessarily be in complete opposition.

Philly4Pulse :: July 21, 2016

Philly4Pulse :: July 21, 2016

Jul 24
The entire Gayborhood came together for the victims of the Pulse nightclub massacre. Area dignitaries acted as guest bartenders, along with two bartenders from Pulse Nightclub. Thousands of people helped to raise money for the victims.

Orlando: Much Has Happened in the Two Weeks Since the Shootings

By Rhuaridh Marr | Jun 26
Almost two weeks since the worst mass shooting in recent history, a lot has happened.

In SF, Latinos March for Orlando

By David-Elijah Nahmod | Jun 25
Hundreds of LGBT Latinos and their supporters marched from the Castro to the Mission Saturday, shrouded in grief for the 49 lives lost in the mass shooting at a gay Orlando nightclub and vowing to show love for each other in the face of hate.

Thousands Join Orlando Vigil One Week After Massacre

Thousands Join Orlando Vigil One Week After Massacre

Jun 20
Some 50,000 people gathered for a vigil in Orlando one week after a gunman entered the Pulse nightclub and killed 49 people.

Discover Gay Florida :: Orlando

By Mike Halterman | Jul 25
It was the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971 that would change the area forever, as it brought millions of tourists from around the world to this unassuming, simple, mid-sized American city.

Thornton Park District

By Mike Halterman | May 10
Chic, fun and vibrant, this neighborhood attracts many cutting-edge artists and entrepreneurs, followed closely by a youthful clientele.

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