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Tourism Booming in Cuba Despite Tougher Trump Policy

Tourism Booming in Cuba Despite Tougher Trump Policy

By Andrea Rodriguez | Jan 22
Travel to Cuba is booming from dozens of countries, including the U.S. And the tourism dollars from big-spending Americans seem to be heading into Cuba's state sector and away from private business.

U.S. Takes Steps to Make it Harder for Americans to Visit Cuba

U.S. Takes Steps to Make it Harder for Americans to Visit Cuba

By Josh Lederman | Nov 10
U.S. travelers will once again be required to go as part of organized tour groups run by U.S. companies, and a representative of the sponsoring group must accompany the travelers.

 In Cuba Attacks, Tourists Ask: Were We Hit, Too?

In Cuba Attacks, Tourists Ask: Were We Hit, Too?

Oct 20
Revelations that US personnel were hit by invisible attacks in Havana's Hotel Capri re-opened a medical mystery that had haunted Chris Allen for 3 years. While at the hotel he developed sudden-onset numbness and is convinced he was hit, too.

Travel Industry Sticking with Trips From U.S. to Cuba

By Beth Harpaz, Adriana Gomez Licon | Oct 2
Tour companies, airlines, cruises and others in the travel industry say they will continue taking Americans to Cuba despite a dramatic safety warning issued Friday by the U.S. State Department.

Cuba Mystery: What Theories U.S. Investigators are Pursuing

By Josh Lederman and Lauren Neergaard | Sep 18
Whatever is harming U.S. diplomats in Havana, it's eluded the doctors, scientists and intelligence analysts scouring for answers. Investigators have chased many theories, including a sonic attack, electromagnetic weapon or flawed spying device.

Cuba Struggling to Keep Professionals from Leaving

By Andrea Rodriguez | Aug 20
Calle Marti is a modest half-mile boulevard split by a simple winding flagstone path that's bracketed by green grass, pine trees and curving blue cement benches.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Keeps Much of Obama's Cuba Policy

By Michael Weissenstein | Jun 20
Trump's move, announced Friday in Miami, actually leaves in place most of the important elements of President Barack Obama's moves to open relations with the island.

Cuba Opens First Luxury Mall

By Michael Weissenstein | May 9
In the heart of the capital of a nation founded on ideals of social equality, the business arm of the Cuban military has transformed a century-old shopping arcade into a temple to conspicuous capitalism.

Yo Ho Ho! Pennsylvania Aims to Smash U.S. Embargo on Cuban Rum

By Marc Levy | May 3
Pennsylvania's Cuban rum run got its start in a chance meeting last fall in the parking lot in front of the state Capitol.

Cuban Uses Condoms, Tropical Fruit to Make Wine

By Andrea Rodriguez | Apr 3
The sweet smell of fermenting fruit fills the streets around the modest Havana home where Orestes Estevez and his family fill glass jugs with grapes, ginger and hibiscus, then slip a condom over each glass neck to start the process of winemaking.

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