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Best LGBT Nonfiction, 2015

BOOKS | By Brian Bromberger | Dec 31
Most of the volumes on this list try to explain why we have achieved so much equality in the last decade, and what the implications may be for our community and the larger society.

Vermont Farmers Create 'Unicorn of Self-Published Books'

FINANCE | By Wilson Ring | Dec 14
This is the story of how an injured lamb named Sweet Pea started a war. Well, a bidding war.

The Best Food Books of 2015

BOOKS | By J. M. Hirsch | Nov 21
Have you ordered your copy of the latest five-ingredient-paleo-gluten-free-Nordic-kale smoothie cookbook yet? Me either. You know why? Because nobody outside hipster man bun-loving enclaves in Brooklyn and Los Angeles actually eats that way.

Private Library of Hebrew Writings to be Sold

FINANCE | By Verena Dobnik | Nov 15
Sotheby's is offering what experts consider the world's most important private library of Hebrew books and manuscripts, collected by a London diamond dealer.

New Book Explores the Custom of the Queue

SCIENCE | By Leanne Italie | Nov 7
David Andrews went in search of answers and unearthed a world of science, history and cultural norms about the often stressful, sometimes nonexistent and usually time-consuming act of waiting in line.

Checking Back with Jake Biondi on the Hot Happenings of 'BOYSTOWN: Season Four'

BOOKS | By Kilian Melloy | Oct 31
Jake Biondi's ongoing tales of romance and intrigue have won his BOYSTOWN fans around the world and inspired a push to bring the literary series to TV. Brace yourselves: The next volume is almost here! Bondi chats with EDGE.

New Book Details Windsor Supreme Court Victory

NATIONAL | By Brian Bromberger | Oct 18
Attorney Roberta Kaplan, has now written a book, "Then Comes Marriage: United States v. Windsor and the Defeat of DOMA," about a significant civil rights victory along the way to eventual marriage equality.

'Stormtrooper' Startler

BOOKS | By David-Elijah Nahmod | Oct 11
Wackerfuss sees a parallel in gay Nazi party members and gays today who join anti-gay religious groups or the Tea Party GOP.

Trans Behind Bars :: 'The Women of San Quentin' Comes Amid Historic Changes

BOOKS | By Seth Hemmelgarn | Oct 11
A new book chronicling the lives of nine transgender women across the country who have been incarcerated comes amid historic progress for such prisoners.

Gay Conservative Jimmy LaSalvia on Leaving the GOP (And Why You Should, Too!)

BOOKS | By Kilian Melloy | Sep 29
Jimmy LaSalvia cofounded GOProud, confounded CPAC, jumped the sinking Republican ship to go Independent, and now has written a revealing memoir. Meet the former insider whose simple message is this: The GOP is not your friend.

1 thru 10 of 108 Stories