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More Accessible Arctic Reveals Competition for Region's Riches

In our lifetime, we could see a phenomenon that has not happened since the end of the last ice age: the opening of an ocean.

A Famous Name and 3D Printing Combine to Aid Caribbean Coral

SCIENCE | Sep 15
A partnership that includes the foundation of ocean explorer Fabien Cousteau will be using the rapidly developing layered printing technology to design structures that are virtually identical to natural coral formations.

Epic Clash Over Amazon Is A Gripping Real-Life Drama

MOVIES | By Frank Bajak | Aug 17
The Peruvian documentary "When Two Worlds Collide" tells with gripping immediacy the real-life Shakespearean tragedy of the Baguazo, a story that isn't over yet.

Top of the World

Sharyn Alfonsi reports from Greenland on one of the most significant efforts to study climate change happening today.

Fading Fishermen: A Historic Industry Faces A Warming World

CORPORATE | By Patrick Whittle | Jun 28
After centuries of weathering overfishing, pollution, foreign competition and increasing government regulation, the latest challenge is the one that's doing fishermen in: Climate change.

Scientists Battle to Save World's Coral Reefs

SCIENCE | By Caleb Jones | Jun 21
After the most powerful El Nino on record heated the world's oceans to never-before-seen levels, huge swaths of once vibrant coral reefs that were teeming with life are now stark white ghost towns disintegrating into the sea.

Leave Baby Wild Animals Alone, New Campaign Stresses

SCIENCE | By Regina Garcia Cano | Jun 5
A South Dakota wildlife official is trying to combat a scene she sees several times every summer: A mom and her children show up carrying a box with holes poked in the top and a baby wild animal inside.

Uncharted Waters: Restoring Deep Gulf Fouled by BP Spill

SCIENCE | By Cain Burdeau | May 30
Far offshore and a mile deep in the dark world below the Gulf of Mexico's gleaming surface, the catastrophic BP oil spill of 2010 did untold damage on the ocean floor. But scientists are unsure they can do much to heal places in the deep.

NYC Lawmakers Impose 5-Cent Charge for Plastic Bags

FINANCE | By Karen Matthews | May 9
The City Council approved a bill Thursday that would require most merchants to charge customers at least a nickel for each bag, including those made of paper.

Texas Court Blocks Houston from Using Tougher Clean-Air Laws

CORPORATE | By Juan A. Lozano | May 4
Houston's efforts to use local clean air laws to regulate pollution in the home of the nation's largest petrochemical complex were halted Friday by a Texas Supreme Court ruling in favor of energy and chemical companies.

1 thru 10 of 46 Stories