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In Park Service's Centennial, Gay Ranger Finds His Story

By John McDonald | Jan 8
The Park Service's designation of Stonewall Inn as a National Monument was part of an overall effort to broaden the nation's narrative. Incorporating stories from America's minority communities adds to the country's rich history.

Restoring Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Dec 29
In our ongoing series America the Beautiful, celebrating the National Park Service's 100-year anniversary, we visit Utah, where winter at Canyonlands and Arches National Parks brings an escape from the crowds.

Groundbreaking National Park Service LGBT Exhibit Opens in SF

By Michael Nugent | Dec 17
The Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park has made history with the opening of its new exhibit "LGBTQ Histories: Stories from the WWII Home Front."

Park Service Releases LGBTQ History Study

By Matthew S. Bajko | Oct 16
The National Park Service has released a sweeping history of America's LGBT community, which preservationists hope will assist in the protection of various LGBTQ historic sites across the country.

Parks Service Marks Centennial With New Citizens, Monument

Aug 26
The National Park Service celebrated its 100th birthday on Thursday with events across the U.S. including the creation of a giant, living version of its emblem in Washington, D.C.

Park Service Seeks Minorities' Support As It Marks 100 Years

By Felicia Fonseca, Beatriz Costa-Lima | Aug 24
When Asha Jones and other Grand Canyon interns arrived for their summer at the national park, they were struck by its sheer immensity, beauty and world-class hiking trails. Soon, they noticed something else.

Escaping Civilization in Isle Royale National Park

Jul 24
If you want to avoid the crowds and satisfy your inner explorer, take a look at one of the least-visited gems, Isle Royale National Park.

Idea for Burt's Bees Land to Become Park Becoming Partisan

By David Sharp | Jun 1
A congressional field hearing in the coming week on a proposal to create a national monument in northern Maine underscores how partisan lines have been drawn as Republican lawmakers try to rein in the expansion of public lands.

National Park Rises from Former Ohio Wasteland

May 28
The National Park Service is celebrating 100 years of protecting and promoting America's most awe-inspiring natural resources.

Large Graffiti Carved at Arches National Park in Utah

By Michelle R. Price | Apr 30
Rangers at Utah's Arches National Park were investigating large graffiti Thursday that was carved so deeply into a famous red rock arch that it might be impossible to erase, officials said.

1 thru 10 of 20 Stories