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Travel Safely With Your Pets This Summer

By Carrie O'Brion | Jun 28
Planning to take Fido or Fluffy along for the summer vacation trip? Here are some helpful tips to keep your four-legged family member happy and in good health.

10 Tips for Women Traveling Alone

By EDGE | Sep 25
Author Jamie Zunick offers EDGE readers 10 tips for safely and confidently traveling on your own.

Run, Spot, Run -- to Vacation Fun!

By Joel Martens | Aug 23
So you want to get away, but the intensity of the separation anxiety when parted from that cuddly, four-legged furball, reaches epic, carpet-shredding levels? There are several major chains that have pet-friendly policies in place.

It’s a Dog’s Life... on the Beach

By Sue Manning | May 28
Dog beaches account for a tiny fraction of the thousands of miles of U.S. shoreline, but they are treasured by pet owners and their pooches. Discover where you can (and can’t go) with your four-legged friend.

Woof! Florida’s Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations

By Tamara Lush | Jan 19
Traveling with your four-legged friend has never been easier or more indulgent as Florida beckons you with miles of sandy beaches, endless winter sunshine and a laid-back vibe perfect for an afternoon nap.

1 thru 5 of 5 Stories