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Bodrum’s Eternal Blue

By Mark Thompson | Dec 28
While some people consider Bodrum to be "the Hamptons of Turkey," for me, flying into Bodrum was a bit like finding Brigadoon. From the window of the plane, I watched as a series of misty blue islands rose almost chimerically out of the silvery gray sea.

Le Louis XV and Alain Ducasse Celebrate 25th Anniversary in Monte Carlo

Apr 23
This year, the Louis XV is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Launching a year of celebration, a very special birthday menu will be inaugurated as a perfect illustration of the Louis XV cuisine.

Pringle of Scotland Sponsors "Princess Grace: More Than an Image"

Apr 8
The exhibition "Princess Grace: More Than an Image" arose from a proposal by Pringle of Scotland and includes research into H.S.H. Princess Grace of Monaco’s personal wardrobe, with a special focus on the knitwear she wore throughout her career.

Mythical, Magical Voyage to Antiquities

By Matthew Wexler | Jan 25
History, geography, and current events have never been my strong suits. But even I, who would rather be immersed in a plate of loukamoades (Greek doughnuts) than stumbling among the rubble of an archeological ruin, found myself inspired.

Tunisia Awaits Its Tourism Boom

The country’s Mediterranean beaches and millennial ruins are largely deserted, and bargains abound. Travel operators who offer all-inclusive package deals at seaside resort hotels have slashed their already reasonable rates in a bid to lure visitors.

Mediterranean Summer Feast (with World’s Healthiest Brownie)

Jul 6
Lebanese chef Joumana Accad brings traditional Lebanese summer favorites to dining room tables everywhere, using a bounty of fresh herbs and spices to create a Mediterranean summertime feast.

Ancient City by the Sea Rises Amid Egypt’s Resorts

By Associated Press | Sep 8
Today, it’s a sprawl of luxury vacation homes where Egypt’s wealthy play on the white beaches of the Mediterranean coast. But 2,000 years ago, this was a thriving Greco-Roman port city, boasting villas of merchants grown rich on the wheat and olive trade.

Tizi Turns 10!

Jul 1
Chicago’s famed Tizi Melloul Mediterranean Restaurant celebrates their 10th birthday with a new menu, outdoor patio and weekly specials.

1 thru 8 of 8 Stories