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Bear Week Comes Early to Ptown

by Jason St. Amand
National News Editor
Wednesday Jun 6, 2012

It looks like Provincetown's annual bear week came a month early this year.

CBS WBZ-TV Boston reports that a bear (the animal) has been meandering around Cape Cod the past few weeks and now has ended up in Provincetown.

The black bear was last seen in Orleans when an infrared camera spotted it early Saturday morning. Local officials are currently trying to capture and relocate the beast.

This is most likely the first time a bear has ever been on the Cape. Officials say that the bear probably swam across the Cape Cod Canal to get to the iconic gay destination.

Before hitting up P-Town the bear has been spotted in Brewster (about a half hour from the canal), Barnstable, Dennis and Yarmouth. In all, the animal has covered about 50 miles during his adventure, perhaps making the fabulous vacation spot his final destination.

The black bear has gained popularity during its excursion as some locals have been trying to find the curious creature. Others have taken to Twitter and given the animal an online persona by creating an account for the bear.

"@capecodbeer @EatCapeCodChips please re-route chips and beer delivery to Rt 6A mile marker 23.8, I'm on the move #RollingStoneGathersNoMoss," @BearSwimmer tweeted.

The local chip and beer company went along with the joke.

"@BearSwimmer @capecodbeer #CuddlyBear best practices: Eat Cape Cod Chips, not people," @EatCapeCodChips replied. Cape Cod Beer even made a t-shirt of the bear.

Those looking to attend P-Town's real bear week can do so from July 7-15.


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