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Watch: Dina Delicious Calls LGBT Community to Action in 'Reverse the Beat'

Thursday Jul 13, 2017

"Reverse The Beat," the latest track by trans pop diva Dina Delicious, celebrates pride of self. Dina penned the song at a particularly low point in her life when she was struggling with emotional demons.

"I was in a dark place trying to figure out the purpose of my existence and if the world would be a better place if I just gave up and gave in," she remembers. Something inside Dina answered "no" and convinced her there was still time to 'Reverse The Beat' of life and find purpose. "I could have written a gloomy, sad song but I chose to go the other way with an empowering dance/pop anthem that will make listeners feel good and inspire them to thrive," she explains. "I have always fought life's struggles with a smile and a sunny attitude." "Reverse The Beat" by Dina Delicious is available on iTunes as well as all other music providers around the world.

"Throughout my life, I have had experiences of feeling lost and frustrated," Dina continues from her New York home. "As a young kid in Brooklyn, I was teased mercilessly, beaten and bullied. I never fit in and the trauma from being isolated and alone still haunts me. I think it does for anyone that has been perceived as different. There is always that lump in your throat when you just want to scream and escape, but to where?"

"'Reverse The Beat' represents my growth as an artist," she says. "I'm doing me better than ever and I'm allowing myself to shine."

Last month, she performed for her largest audience ever at NYC Pride. The show aired live on ABC-TV, the first time the station has featured a live performance by a trans artist. "I'm beyond honored and grateful. It was all incredibly emotional for me and the experience will live inside me forever."

As a trans artist, she is waging a fierce battle across many different fronts: the fight for proper healthcare, housing discrimination, education, and "the right to go to the damn bathroom." "There are trans woman of color dying violent deaths at alarming rates. These are the ones we know of. Who's to say how many go unreported? And it really gets me upset when I think what trans youth are going through on a daily basis. Its deplorable and mean."

There's a line in "Reverse The Beat" where Dina sings: "it ain't over, we ain't finished, not even close, just the beginning." That one line explains why Dina does what she does.

"People matter. I feel so blessed to be a part of this community and if there is anything I could do to change people's lives change for the better, I'll do it, forever."


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