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Watch: Gay Porn Star Calvin Banks Shares Story of Sexual Abuse from Father

Thursday Feb 7, 2019
Calvin Banks
Calvin Banks  (Source:YouTube Still via wickydkewl)

[Editor's note: This story contains graphic language and depiction regarding sexual abuse.]

A gay porn star is opening up in an emotional video in which he details sexual abuse he was subjected to by his own father.

Calvin Banks, a performer for the gay porn studio CockyBoys, bravely sat down with out YouTube star Davey Wavey for his Himeros TV to talk about his story.

"I can now comfortably say my dad was my first blow job," Banks said. "I'm not embarrassed by the crew or you hearing me say that; I gotta laugh about it.

"I have friends whose dads left when they were two years old," he continued. "I joke with them, I say, 'Well your dad didn't love you enough, and my dad loved me too much.'"

He said that the abuse started happening after his parents divorced and when he visited his dad on weekends. He said the abuse would start when his sister would leave for gymnastics.

"We were alone for a few hours and it just led to a string of abuse," Banks explained. "I think I became — because of the abuse I suffered — a very sexual child very early on and I often sought out sexual experiences for that reason.

"Eventually at a young age I was actually caught in bed with one of my cousins," he added. "Not having sex or anything but, nonetheless, that set off a red light to the family and my aunt pulled me aside and said, 'Why would you think that this is OK?' "

He eventually told his aunt about the abuse from his father. She told Banks' mother, who talked with him about it. Banks said seeing how upset his mother was he knew that what his father was doing to him was "absolutely not OK." He went on to say he was able to move past the trauma because his mother put him and his sisters, who were also being abused by their father, into counseling right away.

Wavey asked Banks if doing porn was a way for him to reclaim his sexuality. He said it's not.

"I think I'm more vain than anything else. I think I love the attention porn brings," he said. "I like the experiences, I like the trips, I like the people, I like the sex."

Elsewhere in the interview, Banks explained his performance on camera is "authentic."

"I watched a lot porn growing up and I started to have more sex growing up and I think it just came from trial and error," he said.

Banks also said he had a sexual awakening of sorts when he discovered a pink thong belonging to his mom and tried it on.

"I didn't even know I was gay, I was just drawn to the femininity of it," he said.

The performer talks about his plans for doing porn and working with CockyBoys. Check out the NSFW video below.

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