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Jolie Seeks Removal of Private Judge in Pitt Divorce Case

By Andrew Dalton | Monday Aug 10, 2020
Angelina Jolie asked Monday that the private judge overseeing her divorce from Brad Pitt be disqualified from the case because of insufficient disclosures of his business relationships with one of Pitt's attorneys.

Fire Engulfs Cooking Show Star Rachael Ray's Home

Monday Aug 10, 2020
A massive fire was ignited at cooking show star Rachael Ray's New York home, authorities said.

Edmunds: With Low Interest Rates, Should You Lease or Buy?

By Will Kaufman of Edmunds | Monday Aug 10, 2020
With interest rates at record lows, is it still worth leasing a new car? We took a look at the financial outcomes of buying and leasing to see how current finance trends might affect your decision.

McDonald's Sues Ousted CEO, Alleging Employee Relationships

By Dee-Ann Durbin | Monday Aug 10, 2020
McDonald's says it's suing Stephen Easterbrook, the CEO it ousted last year over an inappropriate relationship with an employee, alleging Monday that he covered up relationships with other employees and destroyed evidence.

Independent Restauant Coalition Forms in Response to Virus

By Mary Gordon | Monday Aug 10, 2020
"We're asking for a $120 billion fund to provide grants to allow independent restaurants to make up for the revenue they've lost," says Amanda Cohen, leader of the coalition.

Why Choice of Running Mate Matters More than Usual this Year

By Steve Peoples and Alexandra Jaffe | Monday Aug 10, 2020
For all the secrecy and speculation that typically surrounds the search for a vice presidential candidate, the decision rarely sways an election. But ahead of Joe Biden's imminent announcement, this year could be different.

States on Hook for Billions Under Trump's Unemployment Plan

By Matthew Barakat | Monday Aug 10, 2020
Whether President Trump has the constitutional authority to extend federal unemployment benefits by executive order remains unclear. Equally up in the air is whether states, which are necessary partners in Trump's plan to bypass Congress, will sign on.

Protesters Decry Government's Anti-LGBT Attitudes in Poland

By Vanessa Gera | Sunday Aug 9, 2020
Demonstrators turned out in Warsaw and other Polish cities Saturday to protest anti-LGBT attitudes promoted by the government as well as the detention of pro-LGBT protesters.

US Tops 5 Million Confirmed Virus Cases, to Europe's Alarm

By Nicole Winfield and Lisa Marie Pane | Sunday Aug 9, 2020
With confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. hitting 5 million Sunday, by far the highest of any country, the failure of the most powerful nation in the world to contain the scourge has been met with astonishment and alarm in Europe.

Ohio Governor's Conflicting COVID-19 Tests Raise Backlash

By Dan Sewell and Andrew Welsh-Huggins | Sunday Aug 9, 2020
The Ohio governor's positive, then negative, tests for COVID-19 have provided fuel for skeptics of government pandemic mandates and critics of his often-aggressive policies.

Kansas Democrats Excited About Ex-GOP Lawmaker's Senate Bid

By John Hanna | Sunday Aug 9, 2020
Democrats are pinning their unusually high hopes for winning a U.S. Senate seat in Kansas for the first time in almost 90 years on a retired doctor and former Republican who vexed conservatives with her support for Medicaid expansion and LGBTQ rights.

Simon Cowell Injures Back While Testing Electric Bicycle

Sunday Aug 9, 2020
Simon Cowell broke his back Saturday while testing his new electric bicycle at his home in California.

Trump order Allows Some Unemployment Pay, Defers Payroll Tax

By Jonathan Lemire and Zeke Miller | Sunday Aug 9, 2020
President Donald Trump has bypassed the nation's lawmakers as he claimed the authority to defer payroll taxes and replace an expired unemployment benefit with a lower amount after negotiations with Congress on a new coronavirus rescue package collapsed.

At his New Jersey Golf Club, Trump Finds Supportive Audience

By Jonathan Lemire | Saturday Aug 8, 2020
They hustled down the stairs, the rain dabbing their polo shirts and golf attire, as they dashed inside the clubhouse, drinks in their hands and masks missing from their faces.

Census Bureau Drop-Outs Complicate Door-Knocking Efforts

By Mike Scheider | Saturday Aug 8, 2020
With widespread home visits for the 2020 census set to begin next week, the Census Bureau is losing workers to pandemic fears.

Arrest of Polish LGBT Activist Leads to Scuffle with Police

Saturday Aug 8, 2020
LGBT rights activists scuffled with police Friday in Warsaw after turning out on the streets to protest the arrest of an activist.

Joe Arpaio Defeated in What's Likely His Last Political Race

By Jaq | Saturday Aug 8, 2020
This political campaign was likely the last for Joe Arpaio, the former six-term sheriff of metro Phoenix known for leading immigration crackdowns and building a political career around the harsh treatment of jail inmates.

AAA: Partially Automated Driving Systems Don't Always Work

By Tom Krisher | Saturday Aug 8, 2020
Two tests by AAA during the past two years show that partially automated driving systems don't always function properly, so the auto club is recommending that car companies limit their use.

MTV VMAS Scraps Indoor Performances, Moves to Outdoor Sets

Saturday Aug 8, 2020
MTV says it is ditching plans for indoor performances for its upcoming Video Music Awards, opting for outdoor shows spread throughout New York City instead.

Biden Risks Alienating Young Black Voters After Race Remarks

By Alexandra Jaffe | Saturday Aug 8, 2020
Joe Biden's controversial remarks about race this week risk alienating young Black voters who despise President Donald Trump but are not inspired by his Democratic rival.

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