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California OKs Autonomous Car Testing Without Backup Drivers

By Christopher Weber | Feb 28
Driverless cars will be tested in California for the first time without a person behind a steering wheel under new rules that state regulators approved Monday for the fast-developing technology.

Studies Are Increasingly Clear: Uber, Lyft Congest Cities

By Steve LeBlanc | Feb 27
Studies suggest that ride-hailing companies are pulling riders off buses, subways, bicycles and their own feet and putting them in cars instead.

Toyota, Genesis Among Consumer Reports' Top Auto Picks

Feb 23
Toyota has four of the 10 vehicles on Consumer Reports' annual top picks, the most of any brand.

Ram Trucks Recalled to Fix Problem with Gear Shifters

Feb 19
Fiat Chrysler is recalling about 229,000 Ram trucks, mostly in North America, because they can be shifted out of park without a key in the ignition or a foot on the brake.

Pyeongchang Olympics Showcases Korean Self-Driving Vehicles

By Pietro Decristofaro and Youkyoung Lee | Feb 17
There's a competition at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics that has nothing to do with sports, and plenty to do with jousting between automakers and tech companies over autonomously driving vehicles.

Edmunds Offers Top Picks for Stick Shifts

By Travis Langness | Feb 16
For some drivers, pushing a clutch pedal and rowing your gears are among the most satisfying parts of the driving experience. For others, nostalgia explains the attraction. We've rounded up some of our favorites from a variety of vehicle classes.

Electric Cars Have Benefits, but Likely Won't Save You Money

By Dee-Ann Durbin | Feb 10
Electric cars have a lot of perks: zero emissions, a quiet ride and instant acceleration. But can they save you money? Probably not.

Continental Teams with NVIDIA on Self-Driving Car System

Feb 7
Software maker NVIDIA (Nah-VID-E-uh) and German auto parts supplier Continental are teaming to build a self-driving vehicle system that will hit the market in 2021.

Nissan Plans 20 Electric Models for China Through 2022

By Joe McDonald | Feb 6
Nissan and a Chinese partner announced plans Monday to develop 20 electric vehicles as part of a $10 billion, five-year investment program, adding to efforts by global automakers to create commercially competitive electrics.

Q&A: Ride-Hailing Service Lyft's Product Chief Tali Rapaport

By Tom Krisher | Feb 5
Even though it's been in business for just over five years, the Lyft ride-hailing service is still evolving as it moves toward a time when personal car ownership falls and self-driving robotaxis start carrying passengers.

1 thru 10 of 611 Stories