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Why Millennials Should Care About Medicare Right Now

By Liz Weston | Feb 25
Lawmakers understand that cutting current retirees' benefits is a political nonstarter -- so they will be tempted to foist the biggest cuts on people farther away from retirement (who are presumably paying less attention).

First National Bank to Halt Production of NRA Credit Card

By Grant Schulte | Feb 24
The nation's largest privately-owned bank holding company will stop producing credit cards for the National Rifle Association in response to customer feedback, a spokesman said Thursday.

How to Buy A House That Hasn't Been Built Yet

By Hal Bundrick | Feb 24
Trisha and Dennis Rawlings, a couple in their early 30s, are moving to suburban Chicago and leaving their over-60-year-old first home in the St. Louis area behind.

Ask Brianna: Is 4-Year College Right for You?

By Brianna McGurran | Feb 23
If you're considering what to do after high school, or counseling someone who is, here's how to navigate the options for achieving your very own American dream.

Liz Weston: You're Married, but Your Assets Don't Have to Be

By Liz Weston | Feb 16
People who aren't rich or famous typically don't have prenuptial agreements, which are legal documents detailing who gets what in a divorce. But ven ordinary folks without prenups should think about how to protect their money.

Ask Brianna: What if I Really, Really Need My Tax Refund?

By Brianna McGurran | Feb 15
Here's how to get your refund fast, then use it to build a savings account you can pull from when necessary - and avoid an anxious wait again next year.

You Can Do Your Own Estate Plan, but Should You?

By Liz Weston | Feb 7
Estate planning mistakes can be expensive to fix - that is, when they can be fixed at all.

Liz Weston: The Right Way to Give Your Teen An Allowance

By Liz Weston | Feb 5
The problem with weekly or even monthly allowances is that the cash simply comes too often. Less frequent lump sums, on the other hand, can teach teenagers how to plan and save for future expenses - two crucial habits they'll need.

Why Now Is a Critical Time to Pay Off Credit Card Debt

By Sarah Skidmore Sell | Feb 4
Americans' debt levels have been growing and interest rates are rising - a combination that could put consumers in a bind if they carry a balance on their cards.

Credit Card Rewards Take the Sting Out of A Starter Budget

By Claire Tsosie | Feb 3
As credit card rewards rates and bonuses skyrocket in value, they've fattened the wallets of many creditworthy consumers. But one group especially can benefit from these ever-growing offers: Millennials.

1 thru 10 of 163 Stories