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IRS Warns That Tax Season Brings Security Risks

By Joyce M. Rosenberg | Jan 4
While cybersecurity should be a year-round concern for small business owners, income tax filing season can bring some particular risks, according to the IRS.

How to Keep Your Smartened-Up Home Safe from Hackers

By Anick Jesdanun | Jan 1
More people are getting voice-activated speakers and other smart devices for convenience and security. But doing so could also be giving hackers a key to their homes.

German Intelligence Warns of Increased Chinese Cyberspying

By Kirsten Greishaber | Dec 11
The head of Germany's domestic intelligence agency warned Sunday that China allegedly is using social networks to try to cultivate lawmakers and other officials as sources.

Have You Been 'Pwned' in A Data Breach? Troy Hunt Can Tell

By Matt O'Brien | Dec 7
Troy Hunt has collected a trove of 4.8 billion stolen identity records pulled from the darkest corners of the internet - but he isn't a hacker. He uses that repository to help ordinary people navigate the growing scourge of the corporate data breach.

U.S. Official: 15 Percent of Agencies Used Kaspersky Software

By Deb Riechmann | Nov 15
Computer systems at 15 percent of U.S. government agencies were running Kaspersky Lab software that's been banned because of concerns about the company's ties to the Kremlin and Russian spy operations.

AP Explains: Why Smartphones Are Giving the Police Fits

By Matt O'Brien | Nov 11
Technology companies insist that strong security based on data-scrambling encryption is essential to protecting digital privacy. Law enforcement officials grumble that warrants should allow them to sidestep such measures.

Liz Weston: Equifax Hack Isn't Over - More Risks Ahead

By Liz Weston | Nov 1
Credit freezes won't prevent criminals from taking over credit, bank, retirement and investment accounts. Here's what else you can do to secure your money and credit.

Researchers Discover Vulnerability Affecting Wi-Fi Security

Oct 20
Security researchers have discovered a Wi-Fi network vulnerability that could allow attackers to steal sensitive information or spread malicious software while someone is logged into a computer or mobile device.

Yahoo: 3 Billion Accounts Breached in 2013. Yes, 3 Billion

By Matt O'Brien | Oct 5
Yahoo has tripled down on what was already the largest data breach in history, saying it affected all 3 billion accounts on its service, not the 1 billion it revealed late last year.

Equifax: 2.5 Million More Americans May Be Affected by Hack

By Ken Sweet | Oct 3
Credit report company Equifax said Monday that an additional 2.5 million Americans may have been affected by the massive security breach of its systems, bringing the total to 145.5 million people who had their personal information accessed or stolen.

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