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Q&A: Why Mnuchin's Remarks About U.S. Dollar Sparked Concerns

By Martin Crutsinger | Jan 26
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appears to have learned a lesson that many of his predecessors also came to recognize: A Treasury secretary must tread delicately when discussing the dollar.

Decade Since Recession: Thriving Cities Leave Others Behind

By Christopher Rugaber | Dec 17
The rebound has been uneven. It's failed to narrow the country's deep regional economic disparities and in fact has worsened them, according to data analyzed exclusively for The Associated Press.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Imagines 6 Percent Growth

By Josh Boak | Dec 9
President Donald Trump is holding out the prospect of 6 percent growth in the U.S. economy. But most economists say the country will be lucky to achieve consistent annual growth much over 2 percent.

Why Pay Raises are Elusive Even with U.S. Unemployment so Low

By Christopher Rugaber | Nov 6
With U.S. unemployment at a 17-year low and businesses complaining that they can't fill jobs, you might expect pay to be rising sharply as companies try to attract or keep workers. It's not.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Sounds Off-Key Note on Economy

By Christopher S. Rugaber and Calvin Woodward | Oct 24
President Donald Trump is sounding an off-key note on his economic performance and perhaps overstating how much the public wants his tax package.

Many Trump Voters Would Feel Program Cuts in Budget Proposal

By Jonathan Lemire and Josh Boak | Mar 18
In his first budget blueprint since taking office, President Donald Trump held to his promise to build up the U.S. military while slashing domestic spending - even for programs that benefit the rural and lower-income Americans who voted for him.

Counterfeiters, Hackers Cost U.S. Up to $600 Billion a Year

By Paul Wiseman | Mar 1
Counterfeit goods, software piracy and the theft of trade secrets cost the American economy as much as $600 billion a year, a private watchdog says.

After Long Decline, St. Louis Tries to Rebuild With Startups

By Jim Salter | Jan 19
It's tough to rebuild a city's image when the national perception is that it peaked a century ago, and when recent news has sometimes been dismal.

As Robots Take Jobs, Europeans Mull Free Money for All

By John Leicester | Jan 18
The radical notion that governments should hand out free money to everyone - rich and poor, those who work and those who don't - is slowly but surely gaining ground in Europe.

More Pay, Greater Confidence Lifts U.S. Retail Sales 0.6 pct.

By Christopher S. Rugaber | Jan 16
Americans stepped up their auto buying and online shopping in December, reflecting a boost in confidence after the election and a solid increase in pay.

1 thru 10 of 88 Stories