'Thanksliving' in Drag with Gus Kenworthy and Friends

Wednesday December 8, 2021

Gus Kenworthy held a Thanksgiving party with a difference — everyone had to come in drag. The Olympian invited more than a dozen friends to West Hollywood's famous Chateau Marmont. "Potluck dinner but we only served lewks!" read the Instagram caption. "Happy Dragsgiving everyone! Thank you [Jonnie Reinhart] for my gorgeous transformation," he wrote in the post featuring a collection of pics from the event.

The eight pictures feature Kenworthy looking like a blonde Kardashian with big, upswept hair and a blue top artfully cut around his breasts, black leather pants, a string of pearls, and a designer bag. In another he looks every inch like someone you wouldn't want to mess with as he stands in a liquor store holding a 12-pack of Modelo. In the final pic he is joined by 13 of his friends in one big group photo.

On his IG, the responses ran the gamut. Out actor Johnny Sibilly wrote: "The only thanksgiving tradition that needs to exist." @tiagocosmos asked "What's your drag name?" @Zoeaatkin responded: "Stop being prettier than me." And @sternjavier wrote, "Even your mom won't recognize you. Outstanding. You are a sexy drag"

@sammyslifeindc wrote "More like Thanksliving." @jkt_crux: "Wowowowowowowowow amazing." @siderealknight joked,

"The higher the hair, the closer to god." Speaking of hair, @keefgriffin wrote, "As we say in the south, the higher the hair the closer to Jesus."

@pattiegonia wondered, "what's her name and can we go skiing together? also @jonniereinhart u killed it." @briguy1414 wrote a heartfelt message: "Thank you for being yourself and a representation good or drag.. even though you didn't sign up to be. You're an amazing person."

But while the majority of messages were positive, some were not.

@bubba.nick97 commented: "You were my favorite skier growing up... I'll never forget how amazed I was when I first saw that video from 10 years ago on YouTube of you landing the MOST clean dub cork 1440 ever. Now it's Hollywood and drag queens. Can't believe this is the same person..."

@dany.limb just wrote, "Nooooo come on..." @climate_action_gallery asked, "Why do gays wanna be women?" @dommi1812 commented, "It is sad to see that nowadays young gays think that to be gay they have to do drag!"

@mammarud joked, "Tired ass showgirl! Go back to Party City where you belong!" referencing the infamous "RuPaul's Drag Race" season 4 fight between Sharon Needles and Phi Phi O'hara. @ziyi072192 commented on a drag flaw: "What transformation? Ur arm is still the same hairy one."