Dominic Albano Models His New Underwear Line

Monday January 16, 2023
Originally published on January 16, 2023

 Dominic Albano Models His New Underwear Line

Dominic Albano, the model who graced the cover of PlayGirl magazine in 2022, launches his own underwear line at the start of the New Year.

Although the PlayGirl star began his modeling career working with underwear, swimwear, and sportswear brands, he took social media by storm sharing his often steamy and provocative collaborations.

While Dominic has built a career taking sexy photos and showing off his ripped six pack abs, he's often shared online that he's actually very shy and timid, which makes him that much more endearing.

In the era of social media marketing and e-commerce brands, the men's underwear market is, without a doubt, a saturated one. There are many factors that contribute to a successful line of underwear, which include comfort, style, and practicality.

Dominic's launch announcement shared on Facebook, stated that Dominic himself created the line with a focus on texture; softness, stretchiness, breathability, and, of course, aesthetic.

Dominic's experience in fashion makes him the perfect guy to sell us all a pair from his new underwear collection. And, of course, if anyone knows how to advertise using sexy photos, it's he himself.

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