Watch: TikTok Star Cash Baker Condemns LGBTQ Community, Faces Backlash

by Kevin Schattenkirk

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday August 14, 2020

Cash Baker
Cash Baker  (Source:Cash Baker/Instagram)

Over this last week, Cash Baker, a 17-year-old Christian TikTok influencer, posted a series of homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semitic videos that have upset followers, the Daily Dot reports.

In one video, Baker says followers have asked him whether or not he supports the LGBTQ community and his response is a resounding no:

"Me being a Christian, can I support the LGBT community? No, I cannot. So am I behind the LGBT community? Do I promote it? Do I encourage it? Absolutely not. But guys, you gotta understand. Everybody gets that so confused with us saying that we hate LGBTQ people and all that. But guys, no, that is completely, completely wrong."

In another set of videos, Baker elaborates on his aversion to non-Christian religions and explains that his words are coming from a place of love:

Baker, in another post, claims that friends and supporters have urged him to "stop spreading the gospel" because he could get "canceled":

"I mean, that might be true. Like, I've already lost thousands and thousands of followers. Brand deals probably won't want to work with me as much because I'm preaching the gospel and I'm too problematic... Tell me this: If you believed in a hell, and you believed that some of your family and some of your friends, even people you don't know, might go to hell and burn in hell for the rest of eternity—would you tell them about it, or would you just stay quiet and not say anything?"

DefNoodles on Twitter collected fan reactions to Baker:

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