12 Times Gus Kenworthy Turned Heads on Instagram

by Shawn Laib

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday February 2, 2023
Originally published on January 6, 2023

Gus Kenworthy
Gus Kenworthy  (Source:Instagram / @guskenworthy)

Ahead of the Russian Olympic Games in 2015, Gus Kenworthy bravely came out as gay, becoming the first openly gay skier to compete at the professional level. Now retired, Kenworthy is active in charity work and other events for the LGBTQ+ community. He's also one of the most thirst trap-worthy gay celebs on the internet and has even dabbled in acting. We'll go through his abundance of juicy posts, whether they're showing him taking care of his niece or enjoying a vacation solo.

This post of Gus Kenworthy shows off a lot of the athlete's features, from his black toenail polish to his leopard swimming shorts. The skier talks in jest about wanting to show off his self-care tips, but he knows nobody actually is paying attention to that caption! They're too busy being thirsty.

Some folks can pull off a scar and somehow make it sexy. Many fans thought Kenworthy's cut was both sexy and adorable when he showed off his mild abrasion that turned out to be a scratch from his sweet dog. Make sure you turn the page on the IG post to see the culprit's face of guilt that is sure to make you smile!

Endorsements are always a great way to show a lighter side of a celebrity's personality. Here Gus Kenworthy strips down to his white briefs for a game of arm-wrestling with dancer Ken X Y while advertising the drink Cann.

Gus Kenworthy's two most prominent features in most of his thirst traps are his artful tattoos and body hair. In this post, both of these are in full display as the skier jokingly claims this photo would be the starting point for a LinkedIn profile if he were to ever need a job.

The leopard swim gear seems to be a favorite item of Gus Kenworthy. Just like the first picture on this list, Kenworthy shows off what he's got in this printed attire for the world to see. A random pair of feat in the foreground of the picture is a nice addition for those who enjoy that type of thing!

One of the career moves Gus Kenworthy has been most famous for since his retirement from action sports is his appearance in "American Horror Story: 1984" in 2019. He gave a close-up look of his hilarious and sexy costumes from the program in this IG post.

Becoming a "guncle" (gay uncle) is something many gay men wait anxiously for, and Gus Kenworthy has certainly taken great pride in this himself. He has many posts showing love for his niece, and this one with both of them walking on the beach is both adorable and swoon-worthy. There's nothing more attractive than a man who is good with kids!

More cameos from Gus Kenworthy's pets are certainly a welcome sight. This mirror pic with Kenworthy's dog as the main feature is sure to make anyone smile. The skier has actually been incredibly dedicated to helping rescue abandoned animals who are in danger and without owners. This is another incredible piece of activism we should be proud of and be inspired by even.

Another pic of Gus with his niece? Yes, please! This one is a different setting, showing off some hiking rather than a beach excursion. Kenworthy's niece sure seems to enjoy his company, and the sunshine on the athlete's pecs are also a star of the IG post.

Getting hurt is definitely one of the biggest risks of extreme sports, and here Gus Kenworthy decided to flash a gnarly bruise for his fans to witness on IG. Covering up his private parts, yet showing his toughness for the camera made for a unique thirst trap in this instance.

Just like the rest of us, Gus Kenworthy looks up to Lil Nas X as a queer trailblazer. Here he showed off getting to meet with the iconic singer for an event fundraiser for Black LGBTQ+ folks. Another good cause supported by the out and proud skier!

This isn't really a thirst trap per-say (so count is as a bonus!) but it's a double dose of handsome to see Gus Kenworthy and Shawn Mendes in the same picture. Kenworthy also shows off some sleek pink hair dye in this post for all of us to enjoy!