Kathy Griffin Chats About Her Checklist of Feuds

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday July 19, 2019

No-holds-barred comic Kathy Griffin has made something of a blood sport out of comedy — sometimes literally, as in the notorious post-2016 elections photo of herself posting with a fake severed head intended to represent a decapitated Donald Trump. Griffin's rough and tumble style has lost her friends, including Anderson Cooper, with whom she used to host CNN's annual New Year's Eve coverage; indeed, it was the Trump's severed head gag that drove a wedge between them, with Cooper declaring himself to be "appalled" at the photo.

As if fallings out and feuds with CNN's silver fox and the president of the United States weren't enough (not to mention assorted other beefs with the likes of Andy Cohen, who took Griffin's spot on CNN's New Year's show, and TMZ's Harvey Levin), Griffin is also on the outs with lesbian comic Ellen DeGeneres. Griffin addressed that particular rift, along with a few others, during an appearance on the Fox program "Good Day New York," reports Page Six.

Saying that she was not Ellen's "cup of tea," Griffin went on to praise DeGeneres as "great" and say, "I'm just happy whenever a female, especially a female over 50, is still in the game." DeGeneres is 61.

An MSN report dove into the story of Griffin's feud with DeGeneres, referencing a performance by Griffin in July, 2018, in which the comic claimed that she had reached out to DeGeneres after another female comic, Joan Rivers, passed away to ask her to join in a tribute to Rivers. DeGeneres refused, Griffin said, dismissing Rivers with the words "there's a difference between being mean and being funny."

While Griffin seemingly wanted to remain supportive to fellow female comics, she was unsparing when it came to the men with whom she's parted ways, Fox News noted. On the topic of Anderson Cooper, Griffin opined that Cooper would not be likely to seek to patch things up, saying, "He's not that kind of guy."

Griffin then went on to say that, "a lot of these older white guys hate me, and they've hated me for years, because I've been a ballsy chick my whole career and I've never learned my lesson."

As for Andy Cohen, Griffin scoffed, "If he has a skill set, I would like to know what it is."

On a different program, "The Build," Griffin gave an extensive interview about her travails following the infamous photo with the fake Trump's head. Griffin — who was interrogated by law enforcement, threatened with a charges of plotting to assassinate the president, and had been bombarded with hate mail —addressed the current political situation in America, paralleling the scandals that have plagued the Trump administration with Watergate and saying that while she thought Michelle Obama's exhortation to "go high" when Republicans go low was laudable, but "we have to fight fire with fire this time."

Griffin went on to say, "We've got to play dirty for a while, guys. We're losing it all. And it's happening like — " an illustrative finger snap — "that."

Griffin appeared on the programs to promote her new comedy concert film, "Kathy Griffin: A Hell of a Story," which details the legal, professional, and social consequences she faced over the photo of herself with the fake severed head.

To view a video clip of Griffin's appearance on "Good Day New York," click here.

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