Staight 'Love, Victor' Star Receives Death Threats Over Gay Role

Friday June 18, 2021
Originally published on June 17, 2021

Michael Cimino, left, and George Sear, right, in a scene from "Love, Victor."
Michael Cimino, left, and George Sear, right, in a scene from "Love, Victor."  (Source:Michael Desmond/Hulu)

Actor Michael Cimino identifies as straight, but playing a gay character in Hulu's "Love, Victor" comes with plenty of real-world challenges.

In a recent interview with Attitude, he shared that he gets death threats for simply portraying a gay character, but it has only reinforced the importance of telling the show's story of self-discovery.

"I got some homophobic comments — I kind of expected that to happen. I didn't expect it from my own family members, though," Cimino said. He chalks it all up to ignorance: "There's nothing wrong with being gay. That ignorance is often something that's been passed on from generations prior. I always approach that [by saying], 'These are normal people that are struggling and they shouldn't have to struggle,'" he told Attitude.

Cimino has before talked about the homophobic messages he gets for playing the titular role of Victor in "Love, Victor."

Unfortunately, from what he shared, things haven't changed. But the positives outway the negatives, Cimino told Attitude.

"I have changed opinions," Cimino said. "I had some friends who are religious and they've changed their perspective on things."

He added: "It's an honor to play Victor, and a big responsibility. I went in with the pure intent to represent that correctly."