Fitter Than Fit Celebs — NPH and KJ Apa Thirst Trap Their Workout Successes

Saturday December 10, 2022
Originally published on January 6, 2022

Neil Patrick Harris (l), KJ Apa (r)
Neil Patrick Harris (l), KJ Apa (r)  (Source:Instagram)

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Instagram is the home of the thirst trap, which makes it the right place for celebrities to post pics of their fit selves. 


Take Neil Patrick Harris, recently appearing in the key role of The Analyst in "The Matrix Revolutions," who posted a thirst trap where he is flexing and holding up his tank top with his teeth to display his tight abs. In the post, he asks his 8.6M followers: "How are your resolutions holding up? Mine are doing abs-olutely amazing (see what I did there?)!"

He also used the post to promote subscribing to, his weekly email, a weekly dispatch on the culture of curiosity from the desk of Neil Patrick Harris. "Today's special wellness issue features @chrishemsworth's trainer @zocobodypro with workout tips for everybody (and every body), my husband @dbelicious' advice for eating and cooking healthy, and essential gear," reads his IG.


And then there's KJ Apa, who may be the most famous ginger on television today for playing Archie on "Riverdale," in part because of his rock-hard abs. He recently shared a playful video on IG in which he opens his front door in a pair of Lacoste underwear. In the post, he writes: "Coming soon," followed by an alligator emoji — alluding to the famous trademark for the French clothing company.


Apa is clean-shaven in the post. Late last year he put up another pic of himself shirtless and smiling, but with a full beard and scruffy hair, which has received nearly 2M likes since posting in November.