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Otero Menswear Launches Free Avatar Fitting-Room Experience

Wednesday Oct 24, 2018

Otero Menswear is collaboration with tech startup Perfitly to offer a new option in online retail: A free 3D-AR/VR, cloud-enabled fitting-room experience. This technology takes the guesswork out of online shopping by allowing anyone to create a 3D body type avatar to see how will look before purchasing an item.

The partnership extends Otero's commitment to providing appropriate dressing for men between 5'4"-5'9" in height. Otero menswear was launched early this year with the introduction of the industry-changing 3D Proportional Sizing System to ensure ideal fitting.

Each piece in the collection is designed in proportion to a man's height, size, and body-type including details such as collars, cuffs, placket, etc.) to achieve a custom look at accessible prices. As founder Steve Villanueva says, "It is really all about confidence, confidence in your purchase and confidence in your look."

And Perfitly, founded by Dave Sharma, brings together two key technologies: a smart algorithm using five key body measurements to create an avatar that represents the shopper's body, and a CAD-based proprietary system that accurately drapes each garment based upon Otero's product specifications (design, patterns, fabric, etc.). Not only is the experience fun to use for anyone with gaming experience, the technology takes the "Will it actually fit?" question out of online shopping.

As Sharma says, "It's the closest thing there is to trying it on yourself in the fitting room, but the experience is actually better, because you can try on every garment in the store effortlessly, and in minutes."

How it works: When a man enters five key measurements, Perfitly technology creates a personal avatar modeled to his exact height, size, and body type. He can then choose an Otero shirt and click between the options to see whether an Otero size Medium will fit better than a Large, or easily determine whether he has a Triangle or a Rectangle body type. Each garment's technical specifications has been entered into Perfitly's model, so that they are scalable with accurate measurements, and the digital rendering is so detailed that anyone can see how a particular fabric will stretch against muscle and mass.

This virtual fitting room experience is seamlessly integrated, so the shopper won't even have to navigate away from the Otero Menswear website to use it. Privacy standards ensure that each avatar is encrypted and stored on Perfitly's secured servers, and is accessible only by the customer to see and control. Even Perfitly will not be able to identify their unique avatar.


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