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Watch: 'I'm an Ex-Mormon...' – David Archuleta Counts the Ways He's Now Free

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LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter David Archuleta posted a video on TikTok tallying up the ways in which being an ex-Mormon has impacted who he is now... including not being a virgin any longer.

In a clip to promote his new single, "Hell Together," Archuleta, 33, prefaces each of his statements with "I'm an ex-Mormon... " and then lists something that's different for him now that he's left that faith behind.

"I'm an ex-Mormon," Archuleta says. "Of course I'm experiencing things as an adult that most people experienced in junior high and high school."

Coffee, for instance ("Of course one cup," he says, "makes my body freak out and gives me the jitters"), as well as stronger beverages ("Of course I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking alcohol"). He also smiles over how "freeing" it is to able to wear tank tops and revels in listing off the cuss words that are now his to use.

And then there's sex.

"Of course I was a 30-year-old virgin," Archuleta says, before pausing and adding, teasingly: "Was."

@davidarchie I'm an ex-Mormon, of course... 🤷🏻‍♂️ #HellTogether link in bio. #newmusic ♬ Hell Together - David Archuleta

Message received!

At another point in his TikTok post, Archuleta tells viewers, "Of course I'm going to write a song about how hard it is to walk away from your faith when you believed all your life that it was the absolute truth."

Archuleta's new single, which drops today, is an anthem for breaking free of doctrinal prejudices that threaten families with the prospect of not spending eternity together in an afterlife.

"You said, 'If I have to live without you, I don't want to live forever in someone else's heaven. So let 'em close the gates,'" the song declares, per Axios, before adding: "If they don't like the way you're made, then they're not any better / If paradise is pressure, oh we'll go to hell together."

"The stanza refers to Mormon teachings that families must remain in the faith to reunite in the afterlife," Axios explained.

The video features his mother, who publicly quit the Mormon faith in support of her son.

This is not the only time recently Archuleta has taken to social media to talk about his sex life. Last month he gave his reply to rumors that he was a "full time bottom."

The video for "Hell Together" was not yet available at the time of this writing, but you can listen to the song below.

by Kilian Melloy , EDGE Staff Reporter

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