The Himbos from Season Two of "For the Love of DILFs" seen in the exclusive EDGE video preview from Episode 3. Source: OUTtv

Exclusive: Watch this Cheeky Clip from the Upcoming Episode of 'For the Love of DILFS'


When a life-size cut-out of host Stormy Daniels was shown to the Himbos and Daddies on OUTtv's "For the Love of DILFS," Himbo Quis was confused. "There's a big old hole in her ass and I am trying to figure what the fuck is going on."

It was part of a cheeky challenge on the breakout hit reality show, which you can check out in EDGE's exclusive preview. The episode streams on Tuesday, February 6 on OUTtv. (Follow this link for further details.)

For Season 2 of the iconic dating show, adult film star Daniels, made famous in her legal tangles with Donald Trump, returns to guide and referee the contestants at South Florida' DILF Mansion. She is joined by the Dr. Dilf – her unseen cohort – for snarky commentary on the game play.

According to the show's press release, the show "follows the love stories of two groups of queer men, Himbos and Daddies, as they get together to learn about one another and see if they can spark up a little romance."

As the show progresses, both Daddies and Himbos are paired down until one couple remains who will win a prize of $10,000. That money, the press release adds, is said to be "an investment in their future relationship." In addition, the second season promises "hilarious challenges, jaw dropping fights and heartfelt romance," from the hopefuls, as well as a number of "twists and turns" along the way.

"OK, boys, drop them," instructs host Stormy Daniels to the twelve contestants divided into two teams: Daddies and Himbos. Each contestant must place their bare booty in a cut-out hole of a life-size cardboard stand-up of Daniels. The others must not only identify who the person is, but also answer some specific questions from Daniels' unseen cohort, Dr. Dilf to see just how much they have learned about each other in two weeks.

While the men find the rear ends of the players "instantly recognizable," they had a harder time with Dr. Dilf's questions.

One question that has persisted since the show aired its first season a year ago, is 'are the burgeoning romances also sparked with sexual hijinks?' In the clip, Daddy Anthony provided the answer when he slipped up in his comments.

"I knew his ass," says Anthony about Himbo Derek. Asked by the producers how it was, Anthony says, "It was good. And it's still good and it tastes.... It was good."

Asked if that was a slip-up, a laughing Anthony responded: "His ass tastes really good... Or whatever. It's fine. Everyone knows. Derek and I are spending a lot of great time together."

The Himbos won the challenge, which gave them the opportunity to pick their date for the night.

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